WATCH: Durban by Drone video – the city like you’ve never seen it before

We caught up with Shannon Naidoo who filmed this breathtaking drone video of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Shannon is a 23-year-old drone filmmaker from Johannesburg and owner of the media business, GS Communications specialising in photography, videography and drones. This multi-talented media creator is also pursuing golf as a profession and currently competes on the Amateur & IGT circuit. Most of his time is either spent on set or on a golf course!

Watch the beautiful Durban by Drone video capturing some of the uniquely Durban places

I educated myself on the types of drones one can fly

“I started flying drones about a year ago. I’ve always had an interest in filmmaking and had noticed the implementation of aerial shots throughout the industry and found that perspective very interesting. I did some research online, mostly on YouTube, and educated myself on the types of drones one can fly in a private capacity. The main reason why I got into the drone world was the unique content you get out of these perspectives and heights.

Drones could really show off what Durban has to offer

Durban is a place very close to my heart. We had been travelling there for holidays since I was born. When we go there we usually get the generic family posts. This was my first time in Durban since owning a drone and thought it could really show off what Durban has to offer from a completely different perspective.

I used the DJI Mavic Air which is one of the more compact drones out there with the ability to shoot 4K UHD footage. The tiny footprint of the drone also helps with travel and the quality of the footage is amazing.

These places are so unique to Durban

The places I filmed for the video are very well-known landmarks when looking at the KZN province. These are spots that I find myself at quite often when on holiday there.

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Photo by Shannon Naidoo

The Moses Mabhida Stadium is probably one of the best-looking stadiums in the world and has become a very important sporting venue in SA sport. What’s even more special is the view you get when taking the cable car to the top of the arch. It really shows the amazing coastline of Durban.

Durban beachfront captured with a drone. Photo by Shannon Naidoo

The Umhlanga beachfront is a place that I find very picturesque and vibrant with the beach facilities, the lighthouse and nature’s rawness of the rocks so close to the beachfront. This just shows the beauty in its natural state so close to the hotels and restaurants.

Waves crashing on the Umhlanga beachfront. Photo by Shannon Naidoo

The last places I feature in the Durban drone video is Ushaka Marine World and the Moyo’s restaurant on the pier. These places are so unique to Durban and bring a different dynamic relating to tourists and visitors in general. The Moyo’s is definitely something that you could describe as “Instagrammable” because you are literally having a meal on the water. The views and atmosphere are probably why I featured it for a long time in my video as it’s one of my favourite places to go to in Durban.

I feel that South Africa has so much to show off across each province.

I was recently in Limpopo on a week-long business project and captured some great drone footage of the golf course we stayed at. But I would love to go on a trip around South Africa and film some well-known landmarks and also discover some hidden gems. I feel that South Africa has so much to show off across each province.”

For more of Shannon Naidoo’s drone videos and photography, you can check out his social media pages:

Golfshan17 – a golf specific YouTube channel where Shannon posts golf-related content with Drone videos of golf courses.

GS17 Visualz – a creative YouTube channel which is where the Durban by Drone video is living.

Instagram: golfshan17

Twitter: @golfshan17

Facebook: golfshan17

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