WATCH: Emergency landing – ultralight plane crash at Blyde River Canyon

Two men had a narrow escape when the ultralight plane they were flying in crash landed near the Blyde River Canyon in South Africa.

Dave J joined experienced pilot Deon Kraidy from Leading Edge Flight School on a scenic ultralight plane flight from Hoedspruit to Blyde River Canyon in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Blyde River Canyon is one of the largest canyons in the world and estimated to be the largest ‘green canyon’ because of the lush vegetation growing across its hills and valleys.

They were only 15 minutes into their flight when things suddenly started going wrong.

In the video, shot with a GoPro camera, you can clearly hear the engine puttering before it switches off completely and an eerie silence ensues. The plane glides through the air and starts to descend quickly.

What happened next would make even Indiana Jones proud! Pilot Deon says “mayday, emergency landing imminent,” before he expertly manoeuvres the plane over an open field crash landing nose down…

… and the two men emerge without a scratch!

Pilot Deon Kraidy has been flying for nearly three decades and this was his first crash. After the crash Dave J describes Deon as a “true professional who clearly knows how to handle a bad situation.” The next morning, they flew over the Blyde River Canyon flawlessly. 🛩️

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