Cee is changing the narrative for people of color in the creative, freelance and entrepreneurial space

We are thrilled that we got the opportunity to catch up with Cee. She is the dynamic founder and editor of Ceeces Travel, a travel and lifestyle website where readers and followers can find articles on her travel adventures, events and festivals. When Cee is not showing us the best spots in KwaZulu-Natal and around South Africa, she’s helping other brands reach new heights. This inspiring entrepreneur also tells us more about her new initiative, #MelaninByMe, a project on people of color in the creative, freelance and entrepreneurial space.

“My favorite destination in South Africa is KwaZulu-Natal”

KZN, as the locals say, is home to such a diverse and cultural melting pot of individuals. As a region, we have so much to offer but it is sadly often overlooked. Standing in the middle of Durban city, one can drive a few hours North and be in the heart of the African bushveld, watching elephants graze and eagles soar. A few hours to the South, and you can be laying on the warmest beaches, sipping cocktails, listening to local bands and surfing your days away. Heading inland, especially during the current Winter season, you can find yourself cozied up next to a warm fire, in the Midlands and or the Drakensberg looking at snow-capped mountains.

Tourism Influencer Award
Cee with her Tourism Influencer Award 2017

“South Africa is a beautiful country for the ever-exploring individual”

I was awarded the Tourism Influencer Award by The Ugu South Coast Tourism Board in 2017. I have worked on many campaigns and projects with the South Coast Tourism board over the years and they honoured me with this award during last year’s Tourism Month. One of the things my brand and company does is actually curate tourism campaigns and travel itineraries. We then explore and experience these ourselves and market via social media, print and radio outlets. South Africa is a beautiful country for the ever-exploring individual. I love being able to showcase the brands, environments, and experiences that we have to offer to my local and international audience.

The award itself meant a lot to me as the founder of Ceeces Travel. I have invested a lot of hard work, time, money, and sacrifice into building what the brand is now. I started with no capital, no investors, and barely any equipment. Slowly but surely I built a company and a brand that allows me to live my passion, showcase my skill and knowledge and explore this beautiful world we live in. There are some exciting things happening with the brand in 2019 and I look forward to sharing that in a few months.

Umzumbe Station
Cee sitting at Umzumbe Station – Dig In Media

“#MelaninByMe is our focus project on people of color in the creative, freelance, entrepreneurial realm”

We have been working on a project for quite some time now that we have felt called to do. It’s called #MelaninByMe and it’s our focus project on people of color in the creative, freelance and entrepreneurial realm. Whether you’re a fashion designer, travel blogger, marketing director, startup founder we will be highlighting you.

For many years now we have been aware that in these particular industries there is still a separation and misunderstanding of people of color within them. Being a person of color myself, a female, entrepreneur, and freelancer I could tell you a story or two where it has been solely my skin color or a perception that has weighed on certain jobs, opportunities, growth or access to the tools, audience, and network I need.

This all started a few years ago when a client and friend of mine approached me and offered to pay me if I could put together a list of 10 Black Travel Bloggers within my own city for a client of theirs. And you know what? I couldn’t do it. That may have changed today, but I’m quite aware of the scene and it’s still pretty much non-existent and that itself creates a president to brands. Why should they educate themselves and market to the black travel blogging market when they can’t find any black travel bloggers or their audiences?

The Red Desert, South Africa
Cee sitting on a dune at The Red Desert – Dig In Media

“We have enough labels and separation as it is within the world and industries”

And that’s just one example, so I am pleased to announce that I will be showcasing and interviewing some amazing people, globally who are of color and who are changing the narrative. People who you should know about, who have some advice and solutions, not just complaints about changing the game. I think that the entrepreneurial, freelance and creative markets already face enough issues for EVERYONE that color shouldn’t even be an additional factor. I hope you all enjoy the series, and it opens up networks and builds relationships.

This project proudly has NO gender, we have enough labels and separation as it is within the world and industries. I am really excited about a lot of the individuals we have already approached for features. They are so passionate about their businesses, they have come from all walks of life and many of them have taught themselves or built their foundations from nothing. It really is inspiring to be aware and to be shown, that there is someone who looks like YOU that is making it work. Who is not only climbing the ladder but changing the view from the top step at the same time? There are new achievable highs for many generations, cultures and ethnic groups that there weren’t before. All over the world, in various industries. That makes me happy.

You can follow more of Cee’s travels and adventures on her social media pages:

Twitter – @CeecesTravel 
Instagram – @CeecesTravel  
Pinterest – @CeecesTravel


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